About us

We create and curate a variety of Islamic inspired products for Children and Adults ranging from books, games, toys, Islamic home décor, and many more. Our goal is to provide interesting educational items that instill the love and practice of Islam especially in children from an early age while serving as daily reminders of the deen to Adults. We love to create  affordable items that will be within the reach of the average income earner, and offer opportunities for everyone to benefit Insha Allah.


Our Story

Many years ago, I was inspired by the Islamic books and media that I was exposed to, as a teenager & growing adult during which I had nurtured the idea of setting up an Islamic centre that will cater for the lifestyle needs of Muslims.

Specifically, I was drawn to a lecture by Sheikh Hamza Yusuf Hanson – on the “Islamic Educational System” which deeply analyzed the impact of early Islamic education on children and how it opens their intellect for greater achievements in the Dunya, for the Akhira, and this struck a chord… How do I go about this?

Fast-forward to 2009 a year after I had Ameena, I felt the need to start up practising all that I read regarding early Islamic education, so I launched Meena collections and brought to Nigeria for the first time, Desi Doll’s Amina & Yusuf Muslim talking dolls, which was a hit in the market. Others included DVDs, games, stickers, books and we hit the ground.

Amidst personal challenges & hiccups, I took the backstage and nurtured the company only in my head. With several ideas, concepts and dreams wrapped around tons of Du’a, the business resumed years later, rebranded as Meena’s Muslimart.

Where our goal is to make you feel the Deen from the cradle to the grave.

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